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Family Gathering
Family Gathering

At the Strong Family golden gathering in  Gresham, Oregon on my grandfathers'

Horseback with Cattle
Horseback with Cattle

My age, 19 years, in the middle of my six years as the Business Manager of Deep   Springs College in the White Mountains east of Bishop.


My age 21, the summer I packed out Rock Creek pack station on the East Sierras. Old Duke, my lead mule, would tolerate any load. Toby, my favorite, had been a plow mule. Bud, my third mule, came to us from the west side with Jay in the rear. He had to be tied down to shoe.


Johnny Appleseed of Range Soils

Butte, Wyoming


The Interview


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  1. Richard Strong

    For me War Babies as a project is a puzzill of way each generation would contribute to the wars as they pass through history. It must be of value from the view -point of looking back on something we know about after the fact. My value to the project must relate to my experiense as a child, teenager, soldier, student, worker, consultant, retired. and now in senior lining waiting to cash in.


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